Design & Implement Simplified Learning

We offer a platform that is scalable, adaptive, fast, and rife with multiple features and elements designed to enhance admin functionality and ease the transition into the more advanced age of digital learning.

A Platform That Adapts To Your Evolving Business Needs

Is your objective is to communicate a single topic or course to your users? Even if it is a single course, the organisation must ensure its effective delivery and management! Well leave that to us! VioletLMS platform is capable of being scaled down to a micro-level, perfect for managing a single course material. Additionally by enabling you to pick and choose integrations and features we ensure that you receive all the perks of a full scale custom LMS  that helps you effortlessly manage and track user performance while providing  your users with a seamless training experience.

Are you looking out for a platform that can allow you to better manage just the one assessment? Well look no further! VioletLMS platform is capable of being scaled down to a micro-level, perfect for managing single assessments. Additionally, by enabling you to pick and choose integrations and features, we ensure that you do not miss out on the perks of a full scale LMS that helps you effortlessly manage assessments and track user performance.

Sometimes organisations need only provide training related  to a single subject or they may have only a pre-defined curriculum for all its users. Although it maybe a single curriculum, managing it is far from being a simple walk in the park, at least that would be the case without VioletLMS! The platform helps make admin life easy by providing features and integrations that allow you to manage and track training, user participation and performance.

Every large-scale organisation would inevitably have several large-scale training needs. Additionally, a large amount of time and resources have to be utilised to ensure a seamless deployment of training as well as tracking user data from these trainings. Here is where VioletLMS helps you. It provides a central platform for all your training needs while also putting in place several integrations and features that manage training and track user performance.

Developing a centralised system that can accommodate a multi-company architecture is a must for large Corporate Groups. Luckily, VioletLMS delivers in that respect. With VioletLMS and its many integrations and features, Group Companies can now ensure a seamless deployment, management and administration of training across all its member companies using a single centralised platform.

Applications Of VioletLMS

Employee Training

Awareness weeks

Vendor Training

Campus Recruitment

Event Engagement Platform

Customer Training

Academy LMS

Sales Training

Key Benefits Of VioletLMS

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