Hospitality Industry

The advancement of technological innovations and widespread use of social media have boosted the growth of the experience economy, which has accelerated the development of the hospitality industry. People across the globe are now looking out to purchase the best possible experience. Posts, feedback, and reviews plastered across social media and the internet regarding individual experiences drive business by motivating other potential customers to seek the same. Your competitive advantage thus lies in providing the most valuable and unique customer experience via the services you provide while trying to match the new surging demands of those very same customers.

To cope with such rapid changes, you need:

Training to meet these requirements must be tailored to the roles of the employees working at managerial positions, in event planning, food operations, or front desk of the industry worldwide.

VioletLMS meets this demand by providing you with a platform and solutions tailored to your needs to meet your goals.

Why VioletLMS?

Simplified LMS

Designed to make learning accessible, engaging, easy to navigate and understand for all regardless of user knowledge of complex system functions

Secure LMS

Ensure complete protection of user information, course material, data encryption along with a strict authentication process and a security system that is regularly updated

Large Scale Accessibility

All users worldwide can access the platform and the integrated courses without compromising system performance.

Integration with HRIS

Admin life is made easy with automated user updates and progress tracking. Additionally, timely automated notifications for training, assessment, and deadlines are delivered to every user.

Key Features with Violet LMS

The elements that help us revolutionise your learning experience!

Mobile learning

Access courses anytime, anywhere using VioletLMS mobile application. Pre-download courses to access offline so that the lack of a secure network connection does not impede learning.


Motivate learning behaviour, increase course engagement and add value to concepts learnt via game elements such as points, badges, leaderboards, and course completion certificates

Personalised learning paths

Develop role-specific and personalised learning paths that allow users to visualise their goals, attain a structured training experience, and master skills demanded of them at any stage.

Content Authoring

VioletLMS supports several content delivery formats allowing users to curate training courses and videos, upload existing training material, and manage content efficiently.

Comprehensive performance reporting and analysis

Analyse learner behaviour with automated performance reports available in a graphical and tabular form to the employee, and management to provide timely feedback and appraisal.

Classroom Training

VioletLMS is integrated with Zoom, WebX, BigBlueButton, MS Team, and is open for additional integrations. Create and host training sessions virtually on any of these venues.

Top 3 training solutions for your Industry

In the era of the experience economy, the Hospitality industry demands nothing short of a highly efficient workforce that is up to date with the skill set and etiquette required to rise to the new demands. It is the backbone of a flourishing institution and thus a valuable investment in the long run. A feature-rich platform like VioletLMS allows you to harness the potential of digital learning to meet the organisation's goals at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions!

A fast-paced environment necessitates the effective use of time and resources. This includes optimisation of the Onboarding process. With VioletLMS, experience swift and timely delivery of training material that can be accessed anywhere by the newly hired so that they can become a productive and value-adding member of your organization from day one. Conduct easy and efficient orientation to organizational culture, values and policies.

When the organisation runs smoothly with a highly productive workforce fostered in a healthy and safe workspace, one can be assured that operations will run just as smoothly and efficiently. One way to ensure that is through Compliance Training. VioletLMS provides a secure platform to train users to understand the company laws, ethics, and policies and thus enable them to uphold integrity that safeguards and improves company reputation. Doing so puts in place the foundations for a risk-free, healthy, and prospering business.

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