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VioletLMS and Microsoft Teams
An Integration for a Seamless Learning Management System

VioletLMS is a Learning Management System thoughtfully integrated as an application within Microsoft Teams, providing unified management experiences

Why Opt for VioletLMS on Microsoft Teams?

Discover a unified platform meticulously crafted to streamline, optimise, and effortlessly manage all aspects of your training needs. Access courses, monitor performance, and track progress conveniently through VioletLMS.
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How does VioletLMS make your management seamless?


Flexible Trainings for Optimal Convenience:

  • Conclude trainings at your discretion, anytime and anywhere, utilising our intuitive white-labeled mobile application.
  • Seamlessly monitor attendance for trainings and virtual sessions, devoid of complexities.

Create, Assign, and Share with Precision:

  • Develop intricate learning paths effortlessly.
  • Instantly assign and recommend training modules from our extensive library.
  • Disseminate reports and progress updates seamlessly among your colleagues on Microsoft Teams.

Comprehensive Detailed Reports:

  • Effortlessly monitor learner attempts and time spent per visit.
  • Accurately scrutinise individual learner scores for each attempt.
  • Access people reports to vigilantly monitor LMS user creation and growth.
  • Implement filters and set reminders for the punctual rollout of comprehensive reports.

Create, Assign, and Share with Precision:

  • Receive immediate notifications for assigned, completed, and ongoing trainings via Microsoft Teams.
  • Stay informed of deadlines, assessments, and training schedules without manual intervention.

How to integrate VioletLMS to your organisation’s Microsoft Teams?

Integrating VioletLMS to your Microsoft Teams is one of the simplest tasks. This step-by-step video guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth integration that enhances your team's training experience.

Unlock the Benefits of VioletLMS on

Microsoft Teams

Enhanced Engagement

Foster team engagement with interactive and user-friendly training modules..

Augmented Productivity

Systematize your training processes to elevate overall productivity.

Expanded Knowledge Base

Broaden your organizational knowledge base through accessible and diverse training modules.

Cost-Efficient Training

Reduce unnecessary training expenditures while maximizing operational efficiency.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Accomplish your training objectives with a platform that prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness.

Skill Enhancement

Empower your team with valuable skills to excel in their respective roles.

Embark on a journey of refined training management

Choose VioletLMS on Microsoft Teams for an enriching and transformative experience. Optimize your training processes for better results and increased visibility in the online sphere.

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