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Key Features

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User Specific Personalisation

As the user logs into the platform the home screen features and recommends the most relevant content to the user based on the analysis of the kind of content the user previously streamed or in which they may have displayed a certain degree of interest. This degree of personalisation ensures that users remain engaged in the content which thereby promotes learning behaviour.

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Trending Search Bar

Users can look up the various contents that have been trending among their peers so that they do not miss out on the action! Users can also use the tab to look up more content, navigate to the desired learning content and re-visit some of their earlier searches.

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Automated Notifications

Users receive timely automated push notifications, e-mail notifications and in app notifications regarding new updates and content and other learning activities that may be available. Through the notifications, the users can navigate straight to learning activity. The platform can also be customised to additionally send notifications via messenger apps such as WhatsApp.

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Content Classification

Like other streaming platforms, VioletLXP platform classifies content into various categories that makes it easier for the user to browse through them. Some of the categories include ‘Learning Category’, ‘Most Popular’, ‘Mandatory Content’,’ Today’s Top 10’, ‘Recommended For You’ and much more…

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Gamified User Dashboard

The user dashboard contains gamified elements such as leader boards, accomplishments, and performance reports. These elements keep users on their toes by fostering healthy competition among peers which in turn motivates learning and gets users to push themselves to be more productive, enhance their performance and achieve their goals.

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Binge-Watch Mode

The binge-watch mode or auto play enables users to continue to the next content without having to continually press the play button. Users can thus binge on content just as they would on any other streaming platform! Auto-play is known to attract user attention thereby increasing content engagement.

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Navigation Gestures

Users can browse through the platform just as they would on other streaming platforms. Given the popularity and dependence on such platforms, they will have no trouble navigating themselves through the VioletLXP platform. This way the user focus can be directed solely to learning.

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