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Since 1947, Franklin Templeton has been dedicated to deliver exceptional asset management for institutional, retail, and high-net-worth clients.

With more than 600 investment professionals in over 25 countries, they are uniquely positioned to look beyond the largest or most visible securities in each market to spot smart global investments that meet their rigorous investment criteria

Franklin Templeton provides training to Distributors, Investors, and their Employees across India. The learning programs are a blend of video courses, SCORM courses learning, and assessments in the form of a Learning Path.


a.) Accommodating diversity is the biggest challengein providing training

b.) Tracking the interest of the Distributors associated with Franklin Templeton to provide more relevant trainingmaterials.

c.) Run the series of quizzes to testuser knowledge regarding Markets, Products and Other Concepts.


FT Academy eLMS platform is a sophisticated learning platform loaded with a gamut of learning courses – newly brewed content, engaging assessments, insightful learning reports and certificates among other features that allow the Distributors and Investors to learn ON-THE-GO.

With AI supported FT Academy eLMS platform, analyses factual data, user behaviour and their preference to recommend the best learning material to the individual Hence, Franklin Templeton can recommend courses and training to their Distributors and Investors based on their personal interest, goals and learning behaviour.

It also allows for seamless execution of a series of quizzes and assessments that test the user knowledge regarding Markets, Products, and other concepts.


The FT Academy eLMS platform provides vast array of engaging and easy-to-follow materials available in different formats - Watch, Listen, or Read. It provides the flexibility to watch content On-demand and learn ON-THE-GO.

The Academy empowers the Distributors and Investors by providing quality programs on the various aspects of the investment advisory business ranging from financial markets, behavioural economics, macro-economics, and practice management.

Through intelligent training applications and by combining multiple learning mediums like text, videos, podcasts, assessments etc., they strive to create customized self-paced learning courses tailored ONLY for the Distributors and Investors.

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