Compliance Training

One vital ingredient in creating a risk-free and prospering business is employees who are aware of and adhere to the latest industry standards of law, ethics, and policies. Compliance Training is a way to achieve just that.

Why Compliance Training is Important?

Compliance training helps develop a healthy workplace culture that provides a fertile foundation to cultivate a productive workforce, minimise absenteeism, and lower turnover rates. It encourages employees to understand the company laws, ethics, and policies, enabling them to uphold integrity that safeguards and improves company reputation, thus attracting more clients and new talent!

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With Violet Compliance Training you Can

Organisations are held accountable for the lack of effort to curb or place checks on non-compliance actions of their employees. Apart from facing several legal repercussions, companies will have to pay hefty fines, face high attrition rates, lose reputation, fail to procure new clients, and lose potential employees. Therefore, organisations have a legal, fundamental, and moral responsibility to conduct regular compliance training proactively.

A feature-rich platform like VioletLMS helps you effortlessly deliver a routine compliance training program to all employees across all locations while also tracking and evaluating their progress and performance. This way, the whole organisation is brought up to speed regarding new compliance policies, helping you become audit-ready and rendering your business risk-free.

We understand that in every industry, various types of employees and partnerships are involved in running the organisation smoothly: On Roll and Off Roll Employees, External Trainers, Vendors, and Auditors. We want to aid their efforts further by providing a cost-effective platform that supports these user types.

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