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Trainathon is a Learning & Development organisation consisting of experiential learning experts who provide end-to-end solutions, customised business solutions, a full range of support tools, resources and practices that enable their clients in gaining a phenomenal learning experience that meet all their training program goals.
Bow and Arrow Consulting
Bow and Arrow Consulting are a facilitation company who provide solutions and design long term strategies that cover all the training requirements of their client, from identifying learning needs to post-training audit, in a manner that enhances employee competencies that in turn promotes business performance.
Kedge Consulting Limited
Kedge Consulting Limited (KCL) is a distinct consulting firm known for placing education at the forefront. Their consultants, with their immaculate industry knowledge, expertise, and front-line experience, ensure KCL client success by providing effective and efficient solutions focusing on enhancing leadership skills and capabilities.
Sums Corporation cater
Sums Corporation cater to offering solutions regarding People Strategy, Operational Excellence and Efficiencies to various organisations. They develop and execute solutions based on research and technology to address a wide array of HR requirements that aid the clients in acquiring, engaging, managing, and developing their Human Capital.
Spine Technologies
Spine Technologies is an established HRMS, and Fixed Asset Management solution company known for aiding their clients “get it right” though the use of integrated advanced solutions and technology that make the user experience easy and convenient.
Darwin Box
Darwin Box is a leading cloud based HRMS and HCM platform provider who enable their clients gain a competitive edge by empowering their employees across their life cycle using innovative solutions and easy to use technologies.
Emgage Application Platform aids various organisations and business build and develop customised software that provides flexibility, performance, functionality, and scalability as per client specifications or requirements.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and secure cloud platform that helps organisations build sophisticated applications that guarantee reliability, flexibility, and scalability for the purposes of computing power, database storage, content delivery, and multiple other functionalities.
BettRoi is a technology services company dedicated to supporting businesses improve performance of assets, operations and employee efficiency using technology, digitisation, learning and development solutions.
RAB HR is a reputed Omani firm whose Senior Resources have been managing challenges related to people productivity for over 17 years. They bring to the table world class HR products, services and deep insights regarding “What would work and how?”
Uconnect engage state of the art techniques and skilled professionals to provide their clients with world class HR solutions designed to enhance their corporate strategy and performance while optimising functionality and operation efficiency.
Sify Technologies
Sify Technologies, a fortune 500 company based in India, is a comprehensive ICT service and solutions provider. They are focused on the changing tide of ICT requirements of the emerging digital economy that was brought on by the rising demands of multiple small-sized, mid-level, and large business and companies.
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