Choosing the Right Online eLearning Platform for Your Learning Goals

Navigate the blog to uncover tips for choosing the perfect eLearning platform, ensuring a rewarding online learning journey with key considerations and insights.


Stepping into online learning is like setting on a thrilling journey, but selecting the ideal online eLearning platform may be like solving a puzzle. Whether you’re seeking to advance your career or a company seeking to broaden team knowledge, options might make you ask yourself, “Whoa, where do I even start?”

No need to fret!

This post will make choosing the best eLearning platform more accessible. We’ll guide you through the maze by drawing insights from experts and focusing on key considerations for an effective eLearning management system. Get ready to simplify your decision-making and unlock the full potential of your learning goals!

What is an online eLearning platform?

One type of eLearning platform is a learning management system (LMS). There are many eLearning companies out there that offer online learning platforms. Some of these virtual learning environment platforms allow you to host and sell online courses, allowing you to run your own business. An online eLearning platform is like a digital learning hub where trainers and employees connect for an enhanced education experience. It’s a mix of interactive online tools and resources, including a noteworthy type known as a learning management system (LMS). Think of it as your dedicated spot for corporate e-learning, accessible to members or open to all. These platforms are a bit like two types of libraries. Some are like membership libraries, where you must sign up to have access; others are like public libraries, available to anybody interested in learning. The goal is to pick an e-learning platform that makes your course captivating for learners.

We’ve filtered the essential aspects to consider when choosing the most suitable platform so you can navigate through the choices. So, whether sailing solo or steering a team, finding the perfect platform for eLearning is all about creating an engaging learning experience.

Benefits of the eLearning platform  

In the dynamic business world, online eLearning platforms emerge as superheroes, helping organisations tackle hurdles efficiently. Let’s break down the perks in a simple way:

  1. Streamlined Training Programs: These platforms act as a command centre for all your training needs, bringing organisation to chaos.
  2. Central Hub for Learning Materials: Imagine a digital library where you can import existing courses or create new ones – a convenient hub for learning.
  3. Effortless Onboarding: Integration with HR software automates onboarding, making it smooth and hassle-free.
  4. Progress Tracking: Keep a close eye on employee’s progress effortlessly, ensuring everyone is on the right track.
  5. Analytics for Insight: Measure engagement and showcase the Return on Investment (ROI) with insightful analytics

But it’s not just HR and L&D folks who benefit. Customer success professionals find support, too, addressing challenges like:

  • Increasing scores of NPS  
  • Expanding customer engagement and usage
  • Gathering feedback in one convenient hub

Online eLearning platforms contain customised training courses, which weave a path that turns customers into passionate brand leaders. This initiative enhances the use and uptake of products. It is a double-purpose tool that connects employee training with corporate knowledge enrichment. The result? A significant boost to the overall performance of your organisation.

Essentials in choosing an eLearning platform

In the vast ocean of online training, choosing the right platform for eLearning is crucial to shaping your learning journey. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an online eLearning platform for your business training needs.


Start by ensuring that the online eLearning platform holds accreditation from a recognised body or institution. Accreditation is the stamp of approval that guarantees the courses and programs meet high-quality standards. It’s your assurance that your efforts translate into valuable and recognised skills.


Consider the eLearning platform’s flexibility regarding course schedules and learning formats. Seek platforms that provide self-paced learning options or flexible schedules to accommodate your needs. Explore if the platform offers mobile apps or offline access, allowing you to dive into your studies anytime, anywhere.

Diverse Course Offerings:

Look for a platform for eLearning that offers a diverse range of courses and programs across various subjects and disciplines. A platform with a rich menu of options allows you to explore different fields of interest, ensuring you find courses that align perfectly with your teams’ educational goals.

Reviews and Reputation:

Dip your toes into the online community to gauge the reputation of the online eLearning platform. Read reviews and testimonials from current and past corporate users to understand their experiences. Opt for platforms with positive feedback and a proven track record of providing quality education.

Instructor Quality:

The captains of your learning voyage are the instructors, so checking their qualifications and experience is essential. Look for instructors who bring relevant expertise and are respected in their respective fields. Seasoned and knowledgeable instructors can turn your corporate training journey into a captivating and enriching adventure.

Engaging Learning Experience:

An array of interactive tools ensures your learning journey is not just a voyage but an engaging exploration. Seek features like discussion forums for dynamic conversations, virtual classrooms for real-time interaction, multimedia resources for diverse content, and interactive assessments for enjoyable learning challenges.

Technical Requirements:

Make sure you have the right technology to begin your eLearning journey. Check if your devices align with the online eLearning platform, ensure your internet speed meets the requirements, and verify if any specific software or plugins are needed for your courses. It’s like having a well-prepped toolbox before diving into the digital classroom!  

Support and Resources:

Inquire about the comprehensive support and resources that anchor your team’s learning journey. Look for access to academic advisors, library resources, career services and technical support. Sufficient support and resources are favourable winds, propelling you toward academic success.

Cost and Value:

Navigate the corporate training landscape by evaluating the costs of courses on your chosen platform. Take a savvy approach by comparing these costs with similar offerings on alternative platforms. It’s like being a smart shopper in the world of corporate education, ensuring you get quality training, course materials and support services for your team.

Industry Recognition:

Determine whether your chosen online eLearning platform influences the industry you’re interested in. Some platforms even partner with big names, enhancing the credibility of their courses. It’s like choosing a path that teaches and holds weight professionally.

Community Connection:

Beyond training sessions, see if your platform fosters a sense of community. Look for opportunities to interact with fellow professionals, collaborate on projects, and receive expert guidance. It’s not just about education; it’s about a shared journey with like-minded professionals.


In the vast sea of online corporate education, choosing the right platform for eLearning becomes your key to a successful journey. It’s not just about selecting a platform; it’s about finding a vessel that aligns with your goals, offers engaging experiences, and connects you with a supportive community. From accreditation to diverse courses and interactive tools to robust support, each consideration is a steering wheel guiding you through the educational waves. So, as you set sail into this digital adventure with VioletLMS, may your learning be as fulfilling as the destination.

Happy exploring!

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