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Arogya World is a global health non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness regarding various diseases and health issues. The objective of the organization is to provide a good health education and support those adopting healthy lifestyle changes especially among students from Std 5 to Std 8.

To help the organization in achieving their objective, volunteers are divided into multiple groups and sent to remote locations. Volunteers visited remote places to collect feedback and teach the residents healthy eating habits. Volunteers captured the data as hardcopy documents. The data then had to be transferred from hardcopy to computers for analysis purpose.

Due to the covid situation, there were several travel restrictions that prevented the volunteers from accessing remote locations and personally meet the students to explain the healthy habits to them. Additionally, capturing and transferring data of lakhs of students manually was a problem.

Approach and Implementation

a.) Accessed online through multiple mediums such as laptop, PC or even mobiles phones.

b.) The tool was multilingual. It was set up in four different languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada.

c.) Accessed at a lowest bandwidth so that even the student with lowest data plan can access the course.

d.) With the help of the Learning Path feature, the course consisted of a combination of survey to collect feedback, interactive activities with games, and educational courses. The learning paths were specifically defined by Arogya World to match their present requirements.

e.) The admin defined a time of 7 days between every activity, this ensured that the student adapted the good habits before they moved on to the next activity.


As the approach was to be executed for the first time, it was divided into two parts.

Part 1: to run a pilot project for around eight hundred students.

Part 2 to be executed for around one lakh students.

The approach was implemented for students located in rural and remote areas of India. The part 1 pilot was successfully executed. Students were asked to register and take the survey with the help of mobile phones, tablets, and PC. The reports and analysis were automatically generated as the data was auto saved once submitted by students.


Arogya World’s objective of spreading good habits among the students, by overcoming restrictions that impleaded regular functions, was achieved.

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