Training Need Analysis

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What is Training Need Analysis

In today’s world technology changes more rapidly than people can adapt it. Here springs the need for training & development. Development trainings help employees to prepare themselves for the next level and help managers to identify the scope of development for their subordinates.  

TNA is a process which businesses opt to go through in order to identify the types of training required for their employees to perform efficiently and grow with the organisation.

Why we need Training Need Analysis

To ensure that this process benefits your organisation and its employees in every way, there are four simple pointers you must bear in mind this will help your organization to identify all the training needs

Skill-set Identification

The skill-sets you think your employees need in order to perform efficiently. This entails scanning every job role independently and its verticals which will be affected.


Planning is a skill in itself and it is one of the most important things in the process of TNA. Without planning, the entire process would be haphazard and might not even be fruitful at the end of it.

Evaluation of Existing Skill-set

Evaluation of existing level of skills helps you in identifying the people who currently meet your expectation and the ones who need to be trained.

Filling the gap

Step 1 : Gap is nothing but the difference between the expected and existing level of skills of your employees.

Step 2 : highlights the gaps, if at all they exist.  You can now close these gaps with pertinent training and bring the entire team to your level of expectation.


Preventing problems

  • Identifying gaps in skills & knowledge before it’s too late.
  • Equip employees with relevant trainings.

Plan trainings for the future

  • Setup a plan for additional trainings, if required
  • Have your business impacted positively through targeted trainings

Points out trainings you might not have envisaged

  • Typically a problem in large organisations
  • Additional trainings being highlighted are never an issue, it’s a blessing in disguise

Ensures trainings are focused on skills

  • Ensures that trainings are focussed
  • If the gap no longer exists, continuing the trainings is a waste of time and money

Helps in identifying the right candidates to be trained

  • Targetting the right candidates is utterly important
  • Training plans can be configured to the level of individuals

Prioritising the Needs

With several different needs arising, prioritising becomes an issue. TNA helps you in identifying the most critical needs to be attended in the beginning. E.g. a client acquisition team needs strong communication, customer relationship management, rejection handling etc.

How VioletLMS facilitates TNA

The Violet LMS allows an administrator to map the candidates based on Competency and Proficiency, both of which are related to knowing a skill.


Knowing a skill; capability to use a skill; can be categorised as Functional, Behavioural and Technical or even Attitude, Skills and Knowledge.


Performing a skill; measure of performance & observable behaviour which describe the productivity of an employees and how they have to work towards achieving the set goals.


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