What is a Survey Management System?

Survey Management System (SMS) is a web-enabled application that facilitates creating, managing and publishing professional surveys and collecting feedback to provide assistance in business decision making process.

Violet Survey Management System allows effective management of surveys to help an organization know the opinion of their employees on various aspects like company policies, facilities, leadership, etc. It simplifies the process of creating, analysing and deploying questionnaire and surveys and generates reports for business analysis. It provides detailed information and statistical data based on the surveys filled by the users.

Key Features

Easy to Create

  • Violet Survey management system is a user friendly system allowing easy creation of surveys

Maintains Confidentiality

  • It maintains respondents confidentiality in the survey reports

Enables Quick Survey Distribution

  • The tool allows to distribute surveys online to the target audience and collect data quickly

Sends Invitations and Reminders

  • The tool assists in sending invitations and reminders to the audience for completing their surveys

Provides useful Reporting

  • It builds powerful reporting tools in the form of charts and graphs in real time