Onboarding is the transition from a new recruit to a fully functional and productive employee. Inducting new talent into a company through this process plays an integral part in the creation of top-performing employees.

Why is OnBoarding Important?

Effective Onboarding helps the newly hired attain a sense of role clarity, understand job responsibilities, organisational goals, and how it links to their individual output.  Additionally, the onboarding process ensures that the new hires assimilate to the company culture and values, receive compliance training, familiarise themselves with company rules, policies and procedures and create brand awareness. Onboarding also plays a vital role in providing new hires with a space that nurtures trust, drives confidence, motivation, and employee engagement.

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With Violet OnBoarding you Can

Onboarding can be a challenging process, given the amount of time, energy, and resources to be used. Not to mention, existing employees and staff need to carve out their working hours to orient multiple newly hired employees repeatedly. However, this step is far too important and thus unavoidable because an inefficient onboarding leaves a negative impression and demotivates those recently joined, resulting in high turnover rates in the long run. Additionally, Digital Learning makes the process of learning itself more attractive, as different media and tasks are used. Additionally, content, once uploaded, can be reused across all users fitting the same role. The material can easily be updated as required, saving the existing staff's productive hours. It is also flexible to the user schedule and can be accessed anywhere, allowing new hires to start the process before joining in.

Violet LMS aims to provide you with the opportunity to partake in this advanced age of digital learning. It is designed to enable flexible yet efficient training of new hires by using individualised learning plans tailored to their roles and learning-related goals. VioletLMS also allows newly hired employees access to the course before the official joining date. Thus, before joining, they can clarify job expectations and responsibilities and cultivate a sense of connection and comfort with the company and their department. This also strengthens the relationship between the company and employees, creating a positive workspace that improves overall confidence and boosts motivation.  With Violet LMS, you get a feature-rich learning platform that's quick to set up - and at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions!

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