Low Connectivity Disrupts Learning

Every Organization faces different creative and technical roadblocks in its smooth functioning. There are still many people suffering from disappointingly poor internet connections. Further, connectivity issues are more pronounced in certain field jobs where the employees must spend considerable amount of time at construction sites, oil rigs, mines etc.  

Absence of network connectivity in a few remote areas or places with limited access, makes it difficult for the learners to gain access to course content. Workforces today would want to access information as per their convenience, whenever they need it, and on multiple devices.

An LMS that works Offline!

A good offline learning tool can be revolutionary for such organizations, and our LMS seems to fit in those requirements perfectly. One of the main improved features in our LMS is the Offline support functionality, enabling users to access major course content in the app without the mandate of internet connectivity. It allows users to download course content, while also aiding admin and managers to comprehensively track users’ activity even while the course is taken offline.

Key Advantages:

  • Course content is encrypted for the highest level of security and is stored on our hosted servers
  • Data is synchronized the next time learners reconnect
  • Easy and fast download option on multiple devices

With such rich offline capabilities in our LMS, Bandwidth is never a Hinderance…!!!