On-the-go learning delivered via mobiles and tablets with easy access anytime anywhere !

Why Mobile LMS?

Technology can be a bottleneck sometimes, and smart decisions should be based on ever evolving business needs. With the rise of Mobile Learning, Organizations have started re-imagining their methods to conduct trainings across a wider user group. In most cases, the workforce would prefer learning on-the-go leveraging the power of Internet to learn without disruption.

Mobile LMS Suite

Our Mobile Learning Management System is scalable, agile and efficient to take care of all your learning needs. It gives you and your team an easy e-learning interface to operate upon, simplifying all training and business-related operations that can be handled right on the tip of your fingers!  Instructors can easily create groups and assign individuals based on training courses, location, department, etc.

Violet Mobile LMS offers the following benefits:

  • Provides bite-sized learning on demand
  • Sync all your devices to increase convenience to enhance adoption and improve user engagement
  • Creates employee learning habits that supports a higher quality of workplace performance.

3 Best Reasons to go Mobile with your Trainings

  • Kills Dead Time, allowing users to learn while on the run
  • Saves Travel and Training Costs
  • Provides Self-Paced Learning Experience

Violet Mobile LMS is readily made available on Android & iOS and is built on the pillars of technology innovation and adaptive needs of the modern learners.

Also, we have A version for EVERY OS