Elearn Management

ELearn is a training management and distribution software using new Web technologies and bringing together different target audiences: learners, trainers, training centers, and public and private organizations. It provides secure access to forum, instant messaging, and staff calendar tools to facilitate communication throughout the training cycle. And other facilities like:

  • Management of learner’s online
  • Publication of training topics (content, target audience, duration, etc.)
  • Workflow for validating requests for registration to training cycles
  • Quiz evaluation.
  • Enrichment and animation of training spaces (gamification)

Assesment Management

Staff assessment is a human resource management (HRM) instrument that tracks the professional development of an organization’s employees . It involves employees, management teams and HR services. In most companies, the evaluation takes the form of an annual evaluation interview . Talent management, skills development, training management are all subjects concerned with the evaluation of employees. For the human resources department, the staff assessment allows:

  • Target and offer training that matches each profile.
  • Identify and reward talents within the company.
  • Identify and process mobility requests.
  • To develop training plans and career plans tailored to their needs.
  • Interact with company employees.


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An advantage appreciated by the fact of grouping all the administration of your training offer within a single learning management system? The ability to centralize all your data in one place. Accessing all your data in one place allows you to better analyze it to better use it. With Violet LMLS, you can, as an administrator, obtain the progress and usage data of your learners on your portal. Count on this data for a global portrait of your learning community. So you can identify the most popular and the least popular training and topics. Those who cause difficulties. And so much more benefits like:

  • Better target your audiences
  • Adapt your training offer
  • Optimizing the use of your different tools, options and functionalities
  • Improve your results
  • Track your learners’ progress and help them succeed
  • Your learners can also track their own progress

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