What is a Cloud based LMS?

cloud-based learning management system (LMS) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, that can easily aid in the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or e-learning training programs.

Learning Management Systems can make creating content hassle free, more efficient and help users avoid redundancy but implementing a cloud based LMS requires a well-built technology infrastructure.

Your Business Challenges

Learning is crucial for corporations and their employees, who need to acquire newer skills and knowledge on a continuous basis.  In today’s age and time, an Organization cannot imagine its trainings without having an LMS, that can lead the implementation of better processes and practices for learners.  Some of the key processes that can be automated with the help of a cloud based LMS are:

  • Sales & Product Training
  • Compliance Certifications
  • Induction & Onboarding
  • Training Need Analysis

Why Choose our Cloud Based LMS?

Violet presents a Cloud Based LMS that fits in all the requirements of a business and provide a total learning solution. Besides offering a bag full of e-learning features, it can also manage enrolments, instructor-led training, classroom resources and aid in keeping track of individual performances.

Our cloud-based LMS is a platform that:

  • Helps package the internal/external eLearning & training needs of your organization
  • Is lite in size, stocked with SHOWER-LOAD of features and functionalities to support your organization’s L&D Programs
  • Manage multiple sub-domains and multiple instances on the Cloud for as many entities as possible

Our SaaS LMS is reliable, more secure and easily accessible with faster deployments for small and large sized companies.